Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers
АIf you have any question, which answer is not listed here, please, use the contact form and you will receive personal reply to your question within two business days.

Yes, we guarantee that most of the products we offer are purchased directly from the manufacturers and delivered from our warehouse in Germany, and our local portfolio is supplied by the official distributors and authorized merchants in the country.

TravelFree stores are not duty-free and all products and goods we offer are with paid customs, fees and excises.

The assortments in the different stores have insignificant differences, depending on the store’s location and size. When choosing the Travel FREE store, you will visit at your trip, the portal will visualize only the assortment of the respective store. Updates are possible, as a result of expiration of the best-before term and/or stock unavailability, and when you submit an order to be processed you will be informed in a timely manner for the product’s availability.

You can ask your question here, attaching a photo (picture) of the product / barcode, the product’s full name, and as soon as possible we will reply and provide the required assistance for receipt of the information.

No registration is required to view the products on our site. To place an order, you need to register, familiarize yourself with and accept the General Terms and Conditions. The profile created during registration can be used in the future to place orders again and receive various discounts on your purchases in accordance with the commercial policy of the site, so save the information about your username and password to access the services of the site.

You can see information about the stores from which you can place an order in the Stores Section. 

You shall make the pre-order not later than 1 hour prior to the indicated by you date and time of your visit in the chosen Travel FREE store, as you may purchase in the store the ordered products and goods under the terms and conditions of a confirmed order. Please keep in mind that the orders are processed within the working hours of the chosen Travel FREE store.

You can receive the made by you order up to three (3) business days after the received confirmation of your order. If you have paid for the order, but you do not accept it within three days, then the paid by you amount shall be refunded back to your account and the order will be cancelled.

No, that’s not possible. The order is accepted and prepared for picking up only from the store, which you have selected at beginning the selection of goods and products and the order thereof from the portal.

• When you finalize your order you will receive an email confirming that your order has been successfully generated and accepted for processing.
• Upon confirmation of the order, you will receive a new email with information about the prepared order.

In case you do not find such confirmation in your email, please check your “Spam” folder, since it may have gone there by chance, and if no confirmation email could be found in it as well, probably your order has not been finalized. Please, return to the order and check whether you have completed all steps or contact us, so we can provide the needed assistance.

If you have any doubts that due to technical or any other reason you were not successful in submitting your order, it would be best to contact us for assistance.

The orders are processed within several hours and once they have been generated, they can not be adjusted and changed. Supplementing your order with additional goods is possible only through submitting a new order via new order form.

Yes, through pressing the button “Cancel” in menu “My orders” until the date of receiving the order. In case you have already paid, you should provide a bank account, to which we will return back the amount paid by you.

You can contact us by phone or email and the paid amount will be recharged.

The goods and products ordered are picked up from a clearly indicated space in the Travel FREE store, which you have stated in the order form. You can turn to each sales person in the store for assistance.

If you are unable to pick up your order within three (3) business days from the indicated by you Travel FREE store, please contact us by phone or email and we will recharge the amount. 

Yes, we can deliver your order. Delivery is paid additionally by the customer and is not included in the price of the products. For information on the delivery fee, please see the Delivery Terms section.

Although rarely, it can happen. If you have purchased a wrong or defective product, please, contact us, so we can check and verify the case and offer a timely solution. We recommend to you to send us photos, clearly showing the barcode, labels and the defect of the problematic product. In addition please read carefully before hand the General Terms and Conditions, published on the site, where there are also instructions for non-conforming products.

Yes, within 14 days from the date of the purchase in the store, subject to the limitations and restrictions, stipulated in the portal’s applicable General Terms and Conditions.
The product shall be returned with the original label and packaging. You shall also present the original cash receipt for the purchase.
According to the Consumer Protection Act each customer – natural person, in his capacity of a user within the meaning of the additional provisions to the Consumer Protection Act, shall be entitled to return purchased online goods, if such goods do not satisfy her/him for whatever reason. You are entitled to withdraw from the off-site agreement only and solely in relation to goods, which are not consumable and fall in the applied field of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) in the part distance agreements. The right to withdrawal from the off-site agreement is not applied in the following cases: for delivery of goods, which due to the nature thereof may lower their quality or have a short good-to-use period; for delivery of sealed goods, which are unsealed after the delivery thereof and could not be returned due to considerations, related to the hygiene or health protection; for delivery of goods, which, after having been delivered and due to their nature have mixed with other goods, from which they can not be separated; for delivery of sealed sound or video records or sealed computer software, unsealed and opened after the delivery and for delivery of newspapers, periodic press or magazines with the exception of subscription agreements for the delivery of such publications. For such cases the Consumer Protection Act specifies that the transportation costs for the return thereof shall be on the customer’s account.
With each purchase you receive a cash receipt, which we highly recommend to you to keep.
For the refund of the amount the Consumer Protection Act stipulates 14 days term from the date, on which you have informed us for your decision to withdraw from the agreement, and provided that within this term you have returned the ordered products, we do our best to do that sooner. Detailed information regarding the procedure and the terms in case of refusing purchased goods you may find in the General Terms and Conditions, published on the site.

You may pay the order in the following ways::
1.    Payment at the register, when picking up the order from the Travel FREE store you have indicated when ordering through the portal.
2.    Payment through the virtual POS terminal in the preorders portal.
3.    Upon delivery.

The problems when paying with a credit / debit card most often are due to several reasons.
1.    Make sure that you confirm the payment, pressing the correct button. The most frequently mistake made is that the customer, instead pressing the confirmation button, presses the button for canceling the payment.
2.    Check whether there are sufficient funds in the card, required for executing the transaction. If needed, deposit additional funds in your account, so you can make the payment.
3.    Do not close the window before the finalization of the payment and the display of notice that the payment is made. If you do so, you will disrupt the transaction and the payment will not be made.

Our border shopping dates back to the far 1991, and the Travel FREE concept was born during 2004, as a result of the vigorous expansion of the European Union and the end of the duty-free commerce on its territory. If you, as most of the people, have missed to notice that fact, most probably the reason for that is Travel FREE. That’s because now we operate at the locations of many of the former duty-free shops, with our priority being offering world known brands at the lowest prices possible.
TravelFree is reserved trademark of the German company Gebr. Heinemann for stores, located in the border areas.
Currently the Travel FREE stores are in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy and Northern Macedonia.